RINSTALL(1) General Commands Manual RINSTALL(1)

rinstallfetch and install scripts from local or http source

rinstall [-o owner:group] [-m mode] source target

rinstall [-o owner:group] [-m mode] source directory

rinstall is shipped to remote machines by rset(1) to provide a standard method of installing files made available over HTTP, or from the current working directory if it already exists.

If the target does not exist it is created. If the target exists but is not the same, diff(1) is called to display the difference before the target is updated. The arguments are as follows:

Owner and/or group to set. This argument is passed to chown(8).
Mode to set when a file is updated. This argument is passed to chmod(1).

The source argument is a relative path that is appended to the environment variable INSTALL_URL.

The rinstall utility exits with one of the following values:

Target file was installed or updated
No changes were made
Incorrect parameters
Unable to fetch requested file


May 3, 2022 OpenBSD 7.2