RENV(1) General Commands Manual RENV(1)

renvnormalize environment variables

renv file ... [-q]

renv name="value" [file]

Filter environment variables in a format suitable for sh(1). Only lines defining variable names using the characters [_a-zA-Z0-9] with a value in double-quotes are emitted. Values may also be empty.


If the first argument is in the format ‘name=valuerenv will store and environment for reference in subsequent labels. By default entries are appended to $SD/local.env.

Optional arguments are as follows:

Validate only, do not print lines.

Escape sequences starting with ‘\’, or subshells using ‘$(...)’ are not permitted.

$$’ expands to a single dollar sign.

Print environment variables in a normalized format

$ renv final.env

Save the status code of the last command



Tabs and multiple spaces are converted to into a single space. There is no provision for embedding literal double-quotes.

renv must be found in the current working directory or in the path defined by SD.

February 26, 2024 OpenBSD 7.5